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Genetic Health

With the Canine HealthCheck Kit, screen your dog for more than 150 inherited diseases for a better understanding of their health now and in the future

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  • Genetic screening was once only available to breeders of purebred dogs.

    Our geneticists and veterinarians, experts in clinical diagnostics, developed the Canine HealthCheck for any dog, purebred or mixed breed.
  • The only genetic screen on the market that truly tests your dog's genetic health.
    Using the Canine HealthCheck kit, your dog will be screened for more than 150 common, inherited diseases and will provide valuable insight into your dog's metabolism, immune system, heart health, vision and more.
  • Your dog deserves the best.
    The Canine HealthCheck is brought to you by Paw Print Genetics, the most trusted laboratory providing genetic testing for dogs.

Find diseases that can affect your dog

"So simple and easy to use!
The kit guided me through the process and we got the results 8 days after the lab recieved it. Thankfully, my dog Bailey is free of any genetic diseases! This is very helpful as you prepare for the future"

"Canine HealthCheck will email you when your results are ready. However, because this information can be overwhelming to dog parents, you have access to their on staff veterinarians if you have questions about your dog's test results. In my experience, Canine HealthCheck's customer service was excellent and the system was truly easy to use."

"I've now sampled two dogs using this test kit. It's a simple, inexpensive way to screen dogs for a wide variety of genetic mutations. Very affordable peace of mind! The test kit includes very clear instructions, along with a padded return envelope, mouth swabs, and a sample baggie"

"I just got my results back from the canine health check and I was super happy to find out that my dog Simone does not have any genetic related diseases! I am very happy and relieved to find this out! The price of this test was well worth it to have peace of mind and not have to worry about my sweet, sweet companion!"

"I have never seen any test like this. It was fantastic. We got our dog Charlie and we knew he was a mix but it is always good to truly understand what lies ahead for our little guy. This test was simple, quick, and informative. I would highly recommend this to anyone who may be curious like we were"

Test results tailored for your dog

Our awesome staff of expertly-trained veterinarians and geneticists have identified the diseases to include in the Canine HealthCheck based on the scientific and medical literature. Every dog, purebred or mixed breed, will benefit from the Canine HealthCheck screen of more than 150 different diseases. You can even customize your report for your dog.

Knowing your dog's genetic health risks will allow you to:

  • Care for those diseases that are treatable
  • Prepare for a pet emergency
  • Predict future medical problems, saving costly veterinarian diagnostic workups
  • Have peace of mind

What is the Canine HealthCheck?

The Canine HealthCheck is an easy to use kit that screens your dog for more than 150 inherited diseases and traits commonly found in dogs.

Simply use the included cheek swabs to obtain a sample from your dog, send your swabs to our lab using the included prepaid return envelope, and the Canine HealthCheck will provide you with results for inherited diseases and traits in 7-10 business days. With this knowledge, you'll be able to understand your dog's genetic health and discuss any concerns with your veterinarian. For less than $1 per test, the Canine HealthCheck will provide peace of mind about the health of your dog.

High Capability

  • Screens >150 genetic mutations causing inherited diseases and traits


  • Simple, at-home cheek swab kit that can be ordered online


  • Results are displayed in your secure online account in 7–10 business days upon sample receipt
  • Reports can be downloaded or printed


  • Sort your results based on breed, organ system, symptoms, and more
  • Follow-up testing can be ordered for conditions of concern


  • Provides more useful information than a breed identification test—affected (at-risk) and carrier status provided for each disease

Judy and her dog Vegas


"My Labradoodle, Vegas, is my pride and joy. I want to make sure I am doing everything I can for her and that's why I wanted the Canine HealthCheck.

I learned so much about her genetics from one simple test! I found out that Vegas is a carrier for a disease called von Willebrand, type II that can cause abnormal clotting and excessive bleeding. Good thing she only has one copy of the mutation, otherwise, if she had two, we could be in serious trouble if she were ever injured.

I definitely see the value in doing this test; it's simple to perform and the results were easy to interpret. Having this knowledge about Vegas, I'd like to test all my dogs in the future so that I can be prepared for any health issues that might be found."

Rob and his dog Ted


"As a veterinarian, I wanted to know what diseases my dog, Ted, was at-risk to develop. The Canine HealthCheck provided important information to me about his overall genetic health and I found out that he is a carrier for two diseases, collie eye anomaly and von Willebrand disease, type II.

More importantly, in my practice, I see a lot of mixed breed dogs for which nothing is known about their genetic background. The Canine HealthCheck screens for some serious conditions, such as blood clotting disorders, that are important to know before spaying or neutering.

Because of the ability to provide preventative treatments, I recommend the Canine HealthCheck to all of my clients who want to know more about the health of their dog."

Jami and her dog Kyle


"My family found Kyle through a rescue organization. It was love at first sight. Kyle is an important part of our family and we would do anything for him. That is why I was so happy to find the Canine HealthCheck.

After a simple cheek swab and sending my samples to the laboratory, I was able to view Kyle's results in my online account that I created when I activated the kit. The search tools allowed me to explore the genes examined in Kyle and I was so relieved to find that he is normal for everything tested!

I will definitely do the Canine HealthCheck again on our next dog!"

Robyn and her dog Tasha


"I adopted Tasha from our local shelter. Because I knew nothing of her health history, I used the Canine HealthCheck to learn about any inherited diseases she might develop.

The cheek swab kit was easy to order and simple to use and the laboratory had results back to me a week after receiving Tasha's sample. Her results showed that she is a carrier for degenerative myelopathy and collie eye anomaly, and that being a carrier she only has a single copy of each mutation and won't actually develop these diseases. However, she was also found to be at-risk for dilated cardiomyopathy, a heart condition. This prompted me to discuss these results with my veterinarian so that we can monitor for this condition and treat any symptoms.

The Canine HealthCheck was a very easy way to learn more about my dog's genetics and set my mind at ease regarding her genetic health.
Thank you Canine HealthCheck!"

Gary and his dog Mickey


"I found the Canine HealthCheck after doing an online search for genetic diseases in dogs. This is the only test I found that checks for more than 150 diseases and traits. It even provides some fun information about my dog such as coat color.

The test showed that Mickey is a carrier for degenerative myelopathy and persistent Müllerian duct syndrome also known as PMDS. Luckily, Mickey is a girl, because if she were a boy dog, she (well, he) would have been affected with this syndrome.

I learned so much about my dog and genetics from doing this test! I want to know as much as I can about my dog and the Canine HealthCheck is the perfect way to get the answers I need for their health."