Canine HealthCheck New Packaging
Canine HealthCheck New Packaging

Here at Canine HealthCheck, we care about the health of the environment, just as much as we care about the health of your dog. In effort to reduce our carbon paw print, we have made the decision to eliminate our Canine HealthCheck mailer box for those orders placed through and switch to an eco-friendlier packaging option. Instead of our typical box, our mailer will consist of a recyclable poly mailer and a return bubble mailer. Both the poly mailers and bubble mailers can be recycled anywhere plastic bags are recycled.

In addition to switching to an ecofriendly mailer, you will also notice that we have preassembled your kit, making your swabbing process even easier than before. Both the return mailer and the swab sleeves have been pre-labeled for you. Now all you need to do once you receive your kit in the mail is activate your kit and swab the inside of your dog’s cheek thoroughly for 30 seconds using each of the four provided swabs. Taking time to properly swab your dog ensures that our laboratory receives enough DNA to perform your testing.  Not obtaining enough sample can cause your results to be delayed, and in some cases, may require a new sample. In addition, be sure to check the kit ID before you begin swabbing so that you are swabbing the correct dog with the correct kit ID. After you have completed these steps, mail your kit back to us using the prepaid return mailer (for US customers only). We take care of the rest!

Before mailing your samples back to us, we recommend that you write your dog’s name on the provided packing slip beneath each activation number and keep that for your records.


Here are a few more ways to help our environment stay healthy while going green with the Canine HealthCheck:

  • Use an eco-friendly bag to clean up after your furry friend.

The average dog-owner goes through 3 plastic bags a day. Research to find options for bags that are compostable or flushable.

  • Walk more, drive less.

Instead of driving to your location, walk there! We can guarantee that your pup will be more than happy to join you. It is a win-win situation!

  • Make conscientious purchase decisions

Choose pet products that are made of environmentally friendly materials. Your dog won’t even know the difference and will love their sustainable products just as much!

  • Your dog’s old is another dog’s new

Instead of throwing away any old collars or toys, donate them to your local shelter. Those shelter pups will be wagging their tails with joy at the thought of new toys and pillows, even if they’ve already had a little bit of use.

  • Leave no trace

When taking your pup on an outdoor adventure, be sure to leave the outdoors in the same condition that you found it. Maybe even pick up trash along the way!


What will you do to decrease your carbon paw print? Let us know!  


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