1. Activate your Kit
  2. Watch our instructional video. (Please use and return all four swabs that were included in your kit).
  3. Then follow the detailed instructions below on how to properly use the Canine HealthCheck kit.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

1. Apply labels

Labeled Kits

We have provided you with three labels: 1 shipping label and 2 kit ID labels.

  1. Place the pre-paid shipping label on the return mailer. Be sure to add your return address.
  2. Place one kit ID label on each swab sleeve that were included in your kit. You will need to use and return all four swabs found in two swab sleeves for testing. Failure to return all 4 swabs may cause delayed results.

2. Swab your dog

-    Have an assistant help hold the dog

-    You are collecting cells from inside the cheek.

  Failure to collect an adequate amount of sample could delay your results. Please follow these instructions.

Remove Cheek Swabs

There are four cheek swabs in two sleeves included in your kit. You will swab your dog's cheek four times, using one swab each time.

Wait at least 1 hour after your dog has eaten. Make sure the mouth is clear of debris.

  1. Remove one sterile swab from the protective sleeve. Be careful not to let anything touch the tip of the swabs.
  2. Insert the swab between your dog's cheek and gum.
  3. Gently press the swab to the outside, against the inside of your dog's cheek.
  4. Move and roll the swab against the cheek for a slow count of 30 seconds to collect the cells.
  5. Carefully return the swab to the protective sleeve.
  6. Repeat this process again with the next swab until all four swabs have been used.

3. Return your swabs

Return Kit
  1. Place both protective sleeves containing your four swabs into the 'biohazard' bag.
  2. Place the 'biohazard' bag into the return mailer.
  3. You must activate your kit before maililng. We cannot process your sample unless the kit has been activated.
  4. Mail your samples as soon as possible.
Tracking Information
Important! Make sure to save the additional Kit ID and USPS Tracking # for your records.

That's It!

We'll email you as soon as we receive your samples. We will email you again when your results are ready.

Please contact us if you have any questions during the process.