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Our packaging is made from post-consumer paper and is 100% recyclable!

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The Canine HealthCheck is an easy to use, test that screens your dog for common, inherited diseases that affect metabolism, muscles and skeleton, eyes, kidneys and many more. You will receive a comprehensive report for more than 150 different genetic diseases and traits.

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This simple kit includes everything needed for you to collect a sample on your dog and return it to our laboratory. We analyze your dog's DNA and provide you with a genetic profile within 7-10 business days of receiving your dog's sample. Our comprehensive results provide detailed information for each test and will alert you to any diseases for which your dog may carry or be at-risk.

Each Canine HealthCheck kit comes with:

  • Two sterile swabs to collect your dog's sample
  • Detailed instructions on how to obtain the best sample
  • A prepaid return envelope to send your samples back to our laboratory

We care about your dog and know that your dog's results are important to you. When you test with us, you can expect:

  • Email notifications at each step along the process
  • Expert genetic testing with the highest accuracy in the industry
  • PhD geneticists and veterinarians available to answer your questions

Why Canine HealthCheck?

  • It can test any dog regardless of age or breed (purebred or mixed breed)
  • For less than $1 per test you can understand your dog's genetic health
  • Helps avoid costly veterinary workups by predicting future medical problems
  • Allows you to intervene before your dog begins to show symptoms and provide optimal preventative care
  • Brought to you by Paw Print Genetics, the most trusted canine genetic testing laboratory

Our packaging is made from post-consumer paper and is 100% recyclable!

"So simple and easy to use!
The kit guided me through the process and we got the results 8 days after the lab recieved it. Thankfully, my dog Bailey is free of any genetic diseases! This is very helpful as you prepare for the future"

"Canine HealthCheck will email you when your results are ready. However, because this information can be overwhelming to dog parents, you have access to their on staff veterinarians if you have questions about your dog's test results. In my experience, Canine HealthCheck's customer service was excellent and the system was truly easy to use."

"I've now sampled two dogs using this test kit. It's a simple, inexpensive way to screen dogs for a wide variety of genetic mutations. Very affordable peace of mind! The test kit includes very clear instructions, along with a padded return envelope, mouth swabs, and a sample baggie"

"I just got my results back from the canine health check and I was super happy to find out that my dog Simone does not have any genetic related diseases! I am very happy and relieved to find this out! The price of this test was well worth it to have peace of mind and not have to worry about my sweet, sweet companion!"

"I have never seen any test like this. It was fantastic. We got our dog Charlie and we knew he was a mix but it is always good to truly understand what lies ahead for our little guy. This test was simple, quick, and informative. I would highly recommend this to anyone who may be curious like we were"